The main topics of the conference are:

  • Engineering Geophysics,
  • Mining Geophysics,
  • Environmental Geophysics,
  • Unconventional Geophysics: Hydrogeophysics, Archeogeophysics, Highway Geophysics,
  • New Geophysical Approaches and Studies,
  • Properties of Soil, Rock and Rock Mass,
  • Numerical Modeling in Civil Engineering and Mining Applications.

Particularly: geophysical instrumentation and equipment, advanced field technologies, seismic data
acquisition techniques, micro-seismic, seismoacoustic and seismological estimation of mining hazards,
geophysical identification of pollution on mining and post-mining terrains, influence of induced seismicity on
surface and underground construction, active and passive seismic, multi-wave and multi-component seismic,
seismic reflection, seismic refraction, surface wave seismic, seismic processing, seismic interpretation, full
wavefield inversion and modelling, potential field methods-such as gravity, electrical, electromagnetic and
magnetic methods, advances and recent applications for GPR, borehole geophysics, geophysical identification
of sinkholes, karst, tunnels and other cavities, numerical modeling in geo-engineering, properties of soils, rocks and rock mass, geophysical identification of landslides, integrated
interpretations studies, 4d/time lapse monitoring, geophysical data management (GhIS).

Conference language
Please note that the speaking language is English but native language of speaker is also acceptable. Posters and Papers should be prepared in English.