Scope of the conference:

Applied Geophysics conference use to provide results of the research and development in the engineering, environmental and mining geophysics. Presentations will focus on variety of geophysical applications, for instance: engineering, geotechnical, geomechanical, mining, environmental, geological, hydrogeological, archaeological, agricultural, urban and others. Solutions based on data acquired from surface, underground, borehole, airborne and other geophysical measurements could be presented. Particularly, we expect submissions dealing with novelty on data acquisition, processing, modelling, inversion, interpretation, and multidisciplinary use. It may also extends on near surface geophysics general contribution, geophysics in hazard and risk evaluation, safety investigations and monitoring, geophysics in renewable energy, physical soil, rock and rock mass properties, multi-spectral sensing, and equipment innovations.

Conference language
The official language is English but native language of speaker is also acceptable. Posters and Power Point presentations should be prepared in English.